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A forex market intsrument is a financial medium such as bills of exchange, bonds, currencies, stocks, etc., that are used for borrowing purposes in financial markets. There are many companies or forex traders across the globe assisting you for the same. AVFX Capital is a professional forex trading solutions company, serving across the globe for the following instruments.



Forex is a trillion dollar market, one of the most liquid markets in the world. AVFX serving all over India beginning its stretch , offers trading services on forex major, minors and exotic instruments 24 hours a day, 5 days a week on our platforms. You can trade on the narrowest spreads in the market. Our forex trading platform is completely user friendly and stable allowing you to enjoy hassle free deposit and withdrawal of your funds.


AVFX provides excellent trading conditions for all Spot Metals without any exceeding exposure on Gold and Silver. We also offer spot metals in USD as a 1% margin on Gold and Silver. This foreign exchange dealer company offers trading in Gold and Spot Silver as an interesting alternative to currency investment.


Commodities such as Corn, Copper and Cotton are influenced by economic, political and environmental evets. AVFX has a simple format to trade these commodities so you can buy them cheap & sell at a higher price. Dealing commodities is an old profession, dating back further than trading stocks and bonds, but they are a perfect alternative to park your cash when the stock market is unusually volatile, as commodities usually move opposite to stocks. AVFX, provides professional planned and strategized commodities trading.


AVFX offers you the capability to trade shares of the most renowned companies such as Apple and Coca Cola. You can take full advantage of Deep liquidity and quick execution to trade some of the most well-known and liquid shares in the world right here with AVFX.


Indices when talked of in terms of  financial markets, stock and bond market, consist of a hypothetical portfolio of securities representing a particular market or a segment of it.Trade on a host of the world’s leading indices such as US 500, which features the top 500 most highly capitalized companies in the US. You can also trade other indices such as the UK100 and the Shanghai Composite.

Being actually representations of performance of an industry, sector or an entire country’s stock market, indices cannot be traded directly. AVFX, is a profeesional and reliable name in the forex industry and indices trading.


AVFX , also offers trading in popular energies, including Brent and Crude oil. AVFX offers spot and futures contracts with low spreads, small margins and 100-barrel lots.

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