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Earn a Better Income at AVFX Capital by Introducing Clients from us

Why Choose AVFX Capital

An innovative CFD and Forex brokerage with specializes in tailored made trading conditions. Good trading support, competitive spreads and no commission. Very well known for transparent pricing have good and reasonable spreads and excellent service.

1500+ Partners

Get the utmost out of the partnership programs; choose your program which is most suitable for you and your business.

Training Support

Learn step by step about Forex Trading. Learn how to trade from our expert trainers and network with fellow traders.

24 x 7 Customer Support

We are very keen to address your problems, our customer support always ready to provide you our service.

Why Our Clients Love Us?

We believe in relating advanced technology with outstanding customer support and work attentively to meet modern traders’ needs in an ever-changing online environment. At AVFX Capital we provide a secure and world class trading experience to our clients whether it is retail and institutional.

Trusted Market Leader

AVFX Capital established in 2012 and is one of the largest and most respected brokers in the industry by generating mass trading volume and provides vast liquidity to numerous traders located around the globe.

Highest Forex Leverage

At AVFX Capital you will get high leverage and very tight spreads on all tradable mechanisms. While we continue to update our trading platform and features, our main concern is to provide our clients with the best service. We offer our clients personal training, special attentive account managers and always put our clients first.

Instant Deposits & Withdrawals

At AVFX Capital, making deposits and withdrawals is very simple and conventional that is hardly takes up any of your time. We are constantly determined to offer you even more deposit and withdrawal options and to make the process even easier. If you have any queries just contact our support team.

Why become an AVFX Trading Partner?

Regular Payment

When it comes to making forex deposits or withdrawals, there is a factor in a few variables before making their choice. Forex merchant account opening is one of the regular pay by main specializations. We will provide you with own merchant account in prestigious European bank with optimum price with hassle free.

Promotional Materials

AVFX Capital offers its partners a wide range of marketing mechanisms and devices that’s help them to attract new clients with various promotional materials such as banners, videos, websites, leaflets, ready-made booklets, hoarding and kiosks with marketing materials, brand catalog products in avatars.

Instant Withdrawals

AVFX Capital is always prepared for you as top brokers with instant withdrawal. The withdrawal was approved out three times at the same time on all brokers participating in the experiment at different hours and days of the week, excluding weekends and public holidays. Therefore we do not recommend you to order a withdrawal on weekends as well as holidays.

Real-time Statistics

At AVFX Capital, we are glad to present one excellent software and great data analysis to our clients that help people in the trading industry. Every marketer in this sector at existent is aware of the fact that achievement is more difficult than ever before. The competition is quite aggressive out there, and the traders are trying their best to survive in this market by staying above other competitors.

See What We Offer in Partnership Business

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Introduction Brokers

Our Introducing Broker (IB) program is our most candid type of partnership program. Joining with AVFX Capital is simple and quick way there is no upfront investment required or any complex integration. Now these days there are hundreds of partners are already introducing in this way, simply contact us to get started.


Forex liquidity denotes to a currency pair’s capability to be bought and sold without creating a major impact on its exchange rate. Having greater liquidity in a financial market enables a cooler transaction flow and makes pricing more modest.

White Labels

At AVFX Capital, white label MT-4 and MT-5 is a ready-made solution that enables you to launch a broker. We have excellent white label solutions that enable brokerages to launch quickly by incorporating a variety of options and complete with own-branding, to create a highly tailored situation for their clients as well.

Asset Manager

At AVFX Capital you will get flexible solution and enjoy the benefits of advanced technology by managing your multiple accounts with MT4 to MT5. The good thing is you will be able to manage your clients’ accounts easily by retrieving our network of international partner banks and financial institutions.

Loyalty Programs

Welcome to the AVFX Capital Loyalty Program. Our loyalty program is an exclusive club where your dedication to your trading counts for exclusive amazing gifts such as from hi-tech gadgets, luxury cars to Europe tours and many more. Click here to view our Loyalty Programs.

Refer a Friend

As a best Forex Trader, though we are very keen to gearing you up with the best trading conditions, we would like to offer your friends and colleagues the same too. Refer your friends and colleagues to trade with AVFX Capital and get excellent bonus on your trading account.

Our Business Partners

Answers to Your Questions

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  • What is Introducing Brokers?

    An introducing broker (IB) is a Broker in the future investments markets who has a straight relationship with the client.  But that representatives the work of the ground operation and trade execution to another futures merchant that is called typically a future commission merchant. The Introducing Broker is usually affiliated to the future commission merchant, where as it is an independent entity like a partner with such merchant firm or a direct subsidiary company of such future commission merchant.

    Enhance your income as an Introducing Broker with AVFX Capital.

  • What is Liquidity?

    Actually liquidity is the degree by which a security can be quickly purchased or sold in the forex market at a price that is reflecting by its current value. So, liquidity in finance refers to the simplicity with a security or may be an asset could be converted into cash with market price. Liquidity is important for financial planning and investments to ensure current needs as well as your long term goals.

  • What is White Labeling?

    A white label brand or product is a brand/ product that is made by other company, but sold under a different brand or product’s name. Ensure that white labeling is when you sell a product under your brand name but that product has been produced by another company.

  • Is White Labeling a Good Idea for Startups?

    However it's an awful idea, for the huge mainstream of startups, to try to start a white label business, or especially to axis into one. Yes the successful white label businesses have a good reputation in the business community for providing consistent better quality at a consistent price, the word “consistency” you need to be noticed here is "consistency” not "quality" or "price" at all.

    In a simple word, you must be buying a service from another company and reselling it to your customers as your own service that is called white labeling.

  • What is Asset Managers program?

    Asset manager is a program by which you’ll get an updated and flexible solution and enjoy the benefits of advanced technology. Moreover you would be able to manage multiple accounts from a single in MT4/MT5 and create block orders from master account and assign trades consistently to discrete client accounts according to clients’ risk-profiles.

  • How to get exclusive rewards from Loyalty Programs?

    Open your live account with AVFX Capital and start trading, AVFX Capital Loyalty program is an exclusive club where your dedication to your trading accounts for real gifts that is from many hi-tech gadgets, Luxurious Cars, Villas on Australian or European sea beach, Sports Car and many more. For more information visit our Loyalty Program http://avfxcapital.com/avfx-partnership/partners/loyalty-program.

  • How to Refer a Friend?

    You can refer your friends by sharing a referral link through email or social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter etc. If your friends joined as you referred to trade then you will get a bonus on your trading account.

  • What I will get if I referred my friends at AVFX Capital?

    If you referred your friends or colleagues at AVFX Capital, you get upto 50% bonus on your trading account.

  • What is Bonus? How to earn in AVFX Capital?

    Simply, a bonus is a way of rewarding traders for choosing a positive broker. While you open a live account with a Forex broker, they will be trading currency pairs and will have to acquire the same expenses as any other trader. Once the bonus is in your trading account, then a trader might be start opening and closing positions with the aim to trade the required volume, in order to claim the bonus as their private property. However once a trader has completed the essential volume, after that the bonus money can be transferred by the broker to your trading account.

    A trader has to make a Bonus deposit through an Account Manager, after they have accepted all the terms and conditions applied successfully. Generally, once the bonus has been deposited, it will be reflected within 24 hours actually receive the bonus on your trading account.

  • How to receive bonus from AVFX Capital?

    Open a Live Account at AVFX Capital. Then start your Forex trading career with get 50% Credit Bonus in your trading account. Deposit to your account with a minimum amount then your credit bonus will be credited automatically into a trading account.

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