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AVFX Capital Trading Rewards Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program and rewards always go with the loyal traders who can continue trading with brokers. Especially, you can get more rewards by trading more volume for longer period.Loyalty Program for our valuable AVFX Capital partners will help to increase your affiliate program profit as well. This loyalty program denotes that the partners will get additional percentage of the total sum of affiliate commission received by them on monthly results. However, Loyalty program payouts are transferred automatically to the accounts of those are partners of AVFX Capital and that meet the requirements of their Affiliate program. Click here to know more about rewards for Loyalty Program.

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AVFX Capital has a special brokerage license trading in Forex based derivative instruments and other securities under the number 24760 IBC 2018(International Business Company Number). AVFX Capital is an industry-leading resource for online brokers with have great resource by land a team of well-trained professionals by providing excellent trading conditions for all our products

Promotional Tools & Materials

AVFX Capital offers to its partners a wide range of marketing instruments such as banners, training materials, educational video, branded production, AVFX avatars etc. that help to attract our new clients.

Realtime Statistics

We deliver a secure world class trading experience to our esteemed clients both retail as well as institutional. We persistently invest in new technologies those are providing real-time statistics in trading with a diverse range of trading products and an excellent level of customer service.

Daily Payouts & Withdrawals

At AVFX Capital, we pay your profit on daily basis into your account directly more so you can access your money instantly whenever want and wherever you are. We always empire you with the best trading solution.

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