Asset Manager Platform

As an asset manager with AVFX Capital, you will get a flexible solution and enjoy the benefits of advanced digital technology, where you will be able to manage multiple accounts from a single application i.e, MT4 or MT5 create block orders from master account and allocate trades consistently to separate client accounts according to clients’ risk-profiles as well as many more. However you manage easily your multiple clients’ accounts by retrieving or accessing our network of multinational partner banks and finance companies.

Following Benefits you will get:

·         You can do send block orders from a single master account using MT4 or MT5 application in web or mobile.

·         You might be able to manage your clients’ accounts without trade size restrictions

·         You can use different types of order allocations such as by proportional, by percentage, or by lot size.

·         At AVFX capital you can do use our Percent Allocation Management Module (PAMM) to enable an unlimited number of managed accounts at a time.

·         You will get benefit from cloud based secured as well as dedicated servers

·         The great thing is you can do handle multiple master account with various setups and trading plans.

·         Always execute regular order and types available with trading application such as MT4 and MT5 for web and mobile versions.

·         You can do trade by using expert advisors or your exclusive processes.

·         Manage as well as generate detailed trading booms.

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